Change does not come quickly or easily which is why we believe that it is vital for our survival that we work together and utilize all of our resources. We are determined for the girls in our society to have equal resources and access to sports and education. Through partnership we increase the awareness and effect of our unique program that we hope to spread throughout the country.

“Unity is a strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

-Mattie Stepanek
African Impact

Access to knowledge is crucial in the process of development. The girl impact program provides a safe environment for our girls to open up to talk and learn about difficult subjects that can be discussed at home or on the field. Our hope is to continue to nourish this partnership so it can expand to all of our schools rather than only two.


In 2018, we had the privilege of partnering with Qhubeka which allowed us to gift some of our girls with a new bicycle. The distance traveled by the girls to attend school and practice can be almost 20km, so this donation was an extremely huge help. We want out girls to stay safe and these bicycles help make this possible.


Y Sport has been an incredible partner to IKasi soccer school. After a full year we as an organization had no true identity, but through the donation of coaching tracksuits and game uniforms we now are recognizable. The uniforms kits were for the u12 and u14 finalists and now they are used for larger tournaments that our girls participate in. This identity has made our cause and morality even higher amongst our girls and families.

Total Football Academy

Money is a crucial to keeping our program running which is why we value our partnership with Total Football Academy so much. Monthly donations from this organization allows our girls to travel to games. Having such a strong partnership with an organization who believes in our mission as strongly as the academy does is very important to IKasi.