No Matter the Size


IKasi is more than an amazing program, it is a family that allows girls to discover themselves and find the confidence to be themselves each and every day. Within the team age and size does not matter on the field, giving some girls an opportunity that they have never had before. A chance to let their skills speak for them rather than their size, gender, or color. Oyama is one of the youngest and smallest girls on the team, but her confidence, skill, and bright smile radiates both on and off of the field.

Having a team for only girls has given her a chance that she never thought she would have at such a young age in Khayelitsha. Oyama has only been a part of IKasi for one year, but her passion for soccer has existed for much longer than that. At age 9 she was not eligible to participate in practices and games with IKasi, but that did not stop her from trying to get her foot in the door early. She was afraid of being forgotten or left out of the program so she approached the coaches over and over again about becoming a member as soon as she turned 10.

The second a game or scrimmage begins Oyama jumps right into the action giving everything she has. She always tries to steal the ball and compete against girls who are twice as big as she is. Rather than seeing her age and size as a disadvantage, she has learned how being small allows her to run faster and steal the ball away from her opponents in a unique way. IKasi soccer school is what it is because of the girls who make up the program. Each one brings unique skills and perspective that constantly forces the team to evolve and become better with each and every practice.

On the field age, status, and size have no power over the girls only skill. It is a game that gives however much you are willing to put in to each and every practice. IKasi gives every girl no matter how big or small an equal chance to stand out and make a name for herself through training and endless support.