Lundi Sibeko

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa soccer has been a very large part of Lundi’s life over the last 19 years which is why he is pursuing a career in coaching. Lundi is studying sports coaching at university and is interning with IKasi soccer school for the next few months. The degree he will be receiving is combined with sports management since his goal is to coach a professional team one day. Not only does he have a passion for coaching soccer, but he also loves to play.

Lundi has been an active soccer player for over 11 years and has no intention of stopping any time soon. The lack of recognition possible in the township for young people has only pushed him to practice and study harder to change the system. He hopes to open up new doors for himself while giving the kids hope within the townships that you can make your dreams come true. At age 8, he started playing for Khaya pro, his local team and after many years of practice and hard work he went to trials at Mitchells Plain Clinic of Excellence Academy. Two years passed at the academy and now he is looking for a new team to practice and compete with.

Being only 19, Lundi knows he has a lot to learn which is why he felt taking the internship with IKasi would be a great opportunity to gain experience from multiple coaches for a wide age range of young girls. Although Lundi has only been with IKasi for a short amount of time he has already learned so much from all of the coaches. He explained how growing up he always viewed soccer as a men’s sport but now he realizes how important for the community and the girls it is to teach them how to play soccer. The start of week two of Lundi’s internship he was given specific time to run his own practice with different age groups to get more experience.

As a child he played video games like FIFA with his friends which sparked his initial interest in try playing soccer. After a very short time Lundi discovered that soccer was his medicine to free the stress and pain he was experiencing in his life. He has never worked with an all-girls team before because it is not common within the townships, so he felt this would be an extremely unique opportunity that would help him reach his coaching goal. Lundi wants to share his love of the sport while educating others on the importance of soccer for young women in the townships.