About Us

IKasi was originally created to host all-girl soccer festivals, but quickly evolved into four small teams across four schools. The first event was extremely successful with 56 girls participating within the township schools. The ages of these children ranged from 7-14 years old. This is when we identified the need to supply schools with our own coaches to teach basic soccer skills weekly for the girls. We received an overwhelmingly positive response and today have programs in four schools: Eluxolweni, Kukhanyile, Hopolang, and Lwandle. Each has their own coach who volunteers to run at least two practices a week for 16 girls who range from 10 to 14 years of age.

We have faced many challenges and overcame various stigmas about males wanting to work with young women in Khayelitsha. The schools and many members of the community did not understand how we could possibly have positive intentions behind our organization. On top of running practices, a life skills class is taught to the girls once a week by volunteers from African Impact. This gives the girls a chance to express themselves in ways that they are unable to during practice or at home with. As coaches we understand that there are limitations to what the girls are willing to talk to each of us about, which is why we are so thankful for the volunteers who have given their time to the girls. The overall well-being of the girls includes so much more than their physical health.  

Throughout our years of experience, we have proved our dedication to the sport and the girls’ safety. Over time, we hope to continue to expand the exposure our girls have to the world outside of their own community here in Cape Town, South Africa. 


To provide young women in our community with a safe, educational after school soccer program that focuses on building their individual confidence, equality in society, and their passion for the sport.


Our vision is to build a hub at one of the four schools that will provide an upgraded sports facility for girls of all ages at public schools within Khayelitsha. We dream to expand the age groups we work with to incorporate ages 5 through 18 to ensure that children can start young and continue for the duration of school and potentially have a future career in soccer, while also encouraging their education.


♥ Education

♥ Equality

♥ Empowerment

♥ Safety

♥ Development

♥ Confidence

♥ Community

♥ Support

♥ Communication