EKSE Interview

On [Date of Interview], the IKasi Soccer School was invited to appear on Cape Town TV for a live interview on their “#EKSE” segment, a portion of airtime that focuses on the EKSE initiative. “#EKSE, My Voice, My Safety” is a movement about strengthening the youth of South Africa through empowerment, positive influences, and community. The IKasi Soccer school is a unique organization in this movement, as they are the only all girls soccer program in Khayelitsha.

Dumisani, the founder of the organization, fell in love with girls soccer and wanted to provide the young women of Khayelitsha with a safe and positive place to play and learn about soccer. The coaches of the IKasi soccer school work hard to give the girls a sense of identity and community, to feel like they are a part of a team. As their organization has grown, Dumisani says one of their most significant problems is transportation. Through hard work in the community however, bikes have been distributed to the girls of the school, giving them better access to the school if they live far away.

The #EKSE movement encourages youth to use social media as a means of gaining a sense of community and getting in contact with good people and organizations as a means of empowerment. The IKasi soccer school likewise works with young girls to show them what the world has to offer them outside of Khayelitsha. This includes, taking them to the 17 National Trials to fuel their passion for the sport and expose them to what opportunities that will be possible if they work hard.

Contact the IKasi soccer school or look up their website to find out how you can help them empower young women in South Africa through their unifying love of soccer.

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